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About Deep River Group

Who we are

Deep River Group are thinkers, builders, and creatives. We established in 2001, and have operated our main two businesses since. Deep River Group owns Precise Planning & Deep River Developments. Precise Planning is a planning consultancy that has an impeccable record for success. Deep River Developments is a development business that has produced earnings that outperform significant players. Our philosophy is to do what you love, and we love property. Our origin is land surveying, and our expertise is in planning law & finance. We measure our success by two metrics: returns on investment, and by our client’s desire to work with us again. Our vision is for sustainability developed, community-based productive cities. Our expertise is in Australia; however, our team is diverse, and we can bridge between almost any nation to Australia. We always look to work with people who have the same principles of integrity, professionalism, genuine value, and sustainability.

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Our Origin Story

Our Story

Our story begins in 1980, with our managing director Jeffrey Bulfin in a cow paddock working as a surveyor. Jeff had just jumped over a fence with a tripod, sun beaming down. He was lining up the theodolite with a reflector when it occurred to him; he wanted to own his own business.

It took many years of saving, investing, then reinvesting, however in 2001, Jeff took a leap of faith and purchased a building in Northbridge, NSW. He went about setting up Deep River Group, and decided to utilise his degree in town planning, and started Precise Planning. Jeff owns that building to this day as a reminder that all good business begins with a leap of faith.

Over the past two decades, Deep River Group has actively participated in hundreds of developments on the east coast. In the past five years, Deep River has acted with 227 individual projects, some large, some small, all successful.

Our mantra is “for the young and bold”, this honours the spirit in which our company founded. We build legacies for our investors, projects to be proud of, not fly-by-night cash.

The future for us looks like sustainable growth. We as a company, are increasing our capacity for project load and size. We are moving away from more traditional development frameworks into an innovative, integrated methodology – we are in this for the long haul.

Our services are retained by non-property related corporations on an ongoing basis to manage a myriad of issues relating to their property portfolios. We assist clients in optimising value through restructuring, space assessments and utilisation improvements, maintenance scheduling and sale/leaseback options.

We have achieved success in the form of completed projects and satisfied clients. We take up the fight of development for you, and we will use every available tool and avenue to ensure a positive outcome. Our projects are always achieved on time and within prepared budgets. The modelling we use for feasibility and costing is unique and thorough to reduce budget blowouts and ensure it is the correct path.

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