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Deep River Group IS HIRING


We are looking for a talented and motivated software engineer to convert our ideas into technology.

We will need you to hit the ground running; we have two clear projects that need immediate attention. We are experts in what we do, but we know when to ask for help, and we are looking for someone who can work across the stack and will go the extra mile to get the job done.

The role requires you to take ownership of the technical components of our projects, delivering products to a timeline. We need you to be able to communicate clearly with us, contribute to our development process, and develop new skills when required.

Your Expertise

Required Skills

There are several technical skills we are looking for, and we assume you develop towards efficiency, legibility, testability, and scalability. If you think things can be done better, let us know, we are good at recognising when to trust our experts.


To Apply for this role, find our contact details embedded on this page.

  • Program in PHP (or equivalent) 100% 100%
  • Program in MySQL (or equivalent) 95% 95%
  • Program in CSS 85% 85%
  • Program in Swift (for iOS Development) 50% 50%
  • Basic Linux Knowledge 35% 35%
  • Basic Blockchain Knowledge 35% 35%