Looking for a development site? Deal with town planners and developers. 

Written by Jack Bulfin

January 22, 2020

As a Sydney-based property development firm, we know how difficult it is to find viable and profitable development sites in NSW, especially in and around the Sydney region. What makes things worse in when agents don’t understand exactly what developers are looking for. Typically, builders, developers, and property developers buy in spite of real estate agents, rather than because of real estate agents.

 Specialised town planning, feasibility, and development knowledge acquired over years of industry experience put us in a unique position to source your next development site.

In our 20 years of experience, we’ve found that your typical agent doesn’t fully understand the complexity of the development process which involves town planning and construction considerations. This can cause headaches, unclear (or sometimes completely false) answers, and delays in putting together feasibilities.

Jeff Bulfin, our managing director, has been a town planner for the past two decades and worked on hundreds of development applications. Realising that the property industry needs more agents with backgrounds in development, Deep River Group recently began to utilise our real estate license. We find our clients’ development sites that suit their specific requirements.

There are a few different ways we source property; typically the most effective method is an off-market property sale. Off-market development sites are properties that are not publicly advertised for sale. Many quality sites are obtained through off-market sales which rely on an existing industry-network to find these types of sales. 

Then there is the more traditional route of finding development sites which includes finding publicly advertised properties (most often found through online real estate portals). This can be a great way to source sites for development purpose, but the competition for publicly listed properties can be high, pushing up the final sale price. This is especially true if the agents invest heavily in their marketing budget. Yet, we’ve had our fair share of development sites come from publicly advertised sales, so don’t write it off.

At the end of the day, you’ll want to deal with a buyers agent who is going to work for you to find a property and has the experience in the industry to understand the intricacies of your requirements. If you’re looking for a buyers agent, get in contact with us via the form below.

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