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Development Site Sales


If you or your client are looking to sell a property that has development potential, Deep River Group is experienced in connecting sellers with genuine buyers. Our long history of business provides us a well-connected network, meaning we can assist you with the sale of your property.  

First get in touch with us and we can discuss your property’s potential, as well as the town planning considerations to ensure you understand the worth and potential of your property. We will then establish how we can assist you in the sale of your property as development site agents. If we move forward, we then require an exclusive agency agreement that allows us to market your property and gain the interest of genuine buyers. Finally, at the conclusion of the agency agreement, we will present any offers received. If an offer is accepted, we will arrange the exchange of contracts and complete the sale.

How long is a standard exclusive agency agreement?

Typically, exclusive agency agreements last for three months to allow adequate time for our clients to make a genuine and informed offer.

Who do you sell to?

We sell property to our entire network including our previous clients. This ranges from private investors to builders, to privately owned companies.


What happens if you cannot sell our property within the time-frame?

 In the unlikely circumstance we cannot find a buyer, you will have a better understanding of the potential uses of your property as well as access to our client feedback, which gives you greater insight into your property’s value.

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