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If you or your client are looking for a property that fits specific requirements, we may be able to help. Commonly, property developers and investors sell their properties off-market. To avoid missing out on off-market sales, get in contact with Deep River Group with your purchasing requirements. When we know of an off-market property that meets your requirements, we will get in contact with you.  Additionally, we have the ability to reach out to our extended network and actively find sellers with property who may suit your requirements.

First get in touch with us and we will review your purchasing requirements.  We will then discuss how we may be of assistance to you, and will go over any properties that meet your requirements. We will also add your details to our database, so that we can contact you in the future with any applicable opportunities.

Should I have a feasibility study conducted?

Yes! understanding whether a deveopment project or site aquisition is profitable is imperitative. If you need assistance, get in contact with us. Jeff Bulfin, the managing director of Deep River Group, is an experienced town planner and can provide invaluable assistance in understanding what can be done with a property. 

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