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Deep River Group Expertise

Our Expertise

Deep River Group has extensive knowledge in Surveying, Town Planning, Project Management, and Investment Management. We take pride in ensuring that our understanding directly translates to results, and we have the experience to complement this knowledge to ensure success.

The focus is always on the fundamentals; we contemplate every aspect of the site, including each detail in professional reports – staying true to the spirit of our company ethos. Our expertise stems from quality education, supplemented with real-world experience.

Our expertise is broad among development types because we believe that as market demands shift, so should your skills, adapting, learning and growing.

Our Expertise

Property Development

Our managing director is an avid skier, travelling every year to race down those packed corduroy pistes, and those soft powdery peaks. Upon a journey to the Snowy Mountains, our first significant property development was born.

In this project, the overflow parking for a local pub behind a service station became a popular tourist facility. Comprising six townhouses on strata title, and a seventh large home on Torrens title. The seventh property is held to this day by our managing director.

Since then, Deep River Group has engaged with an enormous number of projects. We have produced almost every conceivable kind of development, from residential land lots through to high-end tourist facilities, with a Regional Waste Transfer Station in the middle.

Our expertise lies within our detail based approach. Whereby we put to work the collective years of industry knowledge, and our modern methods to achieve a holistic understanding of every part of the project. There is not a single screw or bolt that is on-site without us knowing why, having bargained for a fair price, and contemplated whether it is the best solution.

Our strive for perfection is what sets out expertise apart. We do not allow anything that is not perfect to leave our office.

Our Expertise

Town Planning

Our history underpins our town planning experience. From day one, our managing director has seen the benefit in value-add planning. Most planners are limited to planning work; however, as a company, we choose to be involved in the whole project. We ensure that reports are contiguous, clear, and concise so that when it reaches the consent authority, they want to approve it.

Jeffrey Bulfin is the Principal Planner at Precise Planning, Deep River Group’s town planning arm. Jeffrey, a highly respected member of the profession, has acted as a witness of the court on several occasions. We have a profound knowledge of planning regulation and law. Our industry relations extend far into local councils, the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, and the Office of Environment and Heritage.

Our team streamlines the management process for achieving approval and construction. We have walked the road many times and know how to travel most efficiently, without detours. Our town planners are also client-facing, which means you’re not handing off work to a back office. You are able to count on having a planner available for your advocation, liaison, and presentation.

Our Expertise


Deep River Group has a tremendous track record of managing investments. In that we turn a generous profit, are transparent with what is happening, and we satisfy our investor’s obligations. We provide tailored bespoke solutions to meet each investors objectives, requirements, and appetites.

We have a pristine record of capital preservation, creating ongoing value which means we retain nearly all of our clients. Deep River Group provides access to a diverse and robust pipeline of opportunities. We adhere to a rigorous process of due diligence, selecting only properties that offer attractive returns and appropriate commensurate risk.

Deep River Group can offer deals that will not become publicly available by working closely with original landowners and real estate agents. Our team are highly respected individuals who have shown exceptional talent in their field. We offer certainty and stability through our relationships and our expertise.

We will always be committed to creating real value for our clients. We achieve this by professional excellence, integrity, and innovation. Every decision we make as a company is for the benefit of our clients, and we are serious about ensuring satisfaction. When clients invest with us, they can feel assured that we will work with them to build a legacy that will stand the test of time.

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